#06: Male Housemates

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This week, Jessie Braun is joined by Tilly Pearce, a showbiz journalist from London. Together the girls discuss sex education in the U.K., bonding over P.C.O.S., and Tilly's journey to becoming confident about having periods with male housemates.

Tilly speaks about the UK advertised "skirt" tampons that Jessie has never heard of. In the US, Tampax advertises the "pearl" feature of the Tampax tampon. See skirt tampon below. 

If you want to learn more about Tilly and her work visit https://tillyjeanette.com/about/. Follow and tweet with Tilly on Twitter @tillyjeanette.

Tilly Jeanette Pearce and Jessie Braun_Love-XX:ThePeriodical_Podcast
UK advertised skirt Tampax tampon.

UK advertised skirt Tampax tampon.