From Love-XX this is The Periodical. Where we speak with people who want to advocate change and stop global menstruation stigma.

Love-XX stands for the XX chromosomes that determine female sex. We appreciate and respect everyone’s gender identity and we’re here to support everyone with shedding uteri.

From first menstrual moments to period portrayal in pop culture, Love-XX features unique content, including product reviews, for everyone bleeding and their friends.

We are a rambunctious, rule-breaking, riot, looking to share our tips, tricks, and stories with everyone.

Women spend an average of 8.5 years of their life bleeding and we want to talk about it. 

We’re sharing period stories that need to be heard, and we want to hear yours. 


JESSIE BRAUN : founder + creative director

She can be found eating tacos and sporting unwashed hair layered with dry shampoo. 

She is the creator of Love-xx and the podcast host of The Periodical. She graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in advertising where she immediately fell in love with design.

As a designer she is constantly asking - How can I experience the world better? While having asked this question at a global level for luxury brands she wanted to do the same thing for the most luxurious brand of the human race, women. Having been raised within a very patriarchal culture she has been wanting to change how women     experience the world as long as she can remember. 

Follow Jessica on instagram @jessthehoneybader and view her professional design portfolio here